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ESS supercharger system (more power for the ultimate driving machine)

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5,281.68 EUR ei sis. alv
Tuotenumero: ESS108-50

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730I+IL V8 Kaikki mallit

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Arvioitu asennusaika: 16-18 tunti(a).

Paino: 30,00 KG

Määrä per auto: 1 sarja

Click on the images below to see videos from ESS Tuning

Technically specifications from the manufacturer:

Boost pressure: 6 PSI
Horsepower: 328 DIN (Stock 286)
Torque: 412 NM (Stock 300)
0 - 60: Man : 6,2 sec, Aut : 7 sec
Installation time : 14-16 hours

Some the best and most effective BMW supercharger systems on the market are made by the norwegian company ESS (European Supercharger Systems).

ESS main goals:

-Durability (That is also why ESS offers 2 years warranty on the kits)!
-Everyday use capability!
-Easy and relativily fast installing!
-Reasonable prices!
-To deliver 100% complete and tested systems!
-That the kits can be installed on stock unmodified engines (thanks to a low boost level)!

Please note:

-Even though the kits dosn´t exceed the emission levels, the kits can´t pass the MOT in most countries because they are not TÜV approved!

-The engine control box must be send to Norway to get new software installed, that is adjusted for the supercharger system, this is included in the price for danish customers, but it can mean some additional freight costs for customers from foreign countries!

-There is 2 years warrenty on the kits, but ofcourse not on you engine!

Read more about ESS supercharger systems at

ESS´s own description of the kit: (Please note that the installation time is when ESS is installing the kit, that means that the installation probaly will take som more time when others are installing it!)

1995 730i VT1 6PSI Supercharger System (108-50)
The '95 730i system is based upon a Vortech V2SQ main supercharger unit which gives exceptional power gains, with civilized everyday driveability.The system maintains all diagnostic functions and is 49 State Emissions Legal. It is backed by a comprehensive 2 year, unlimited mileage warranty. The system installs in 12-14 hours using normal hand tools. This system requires slight modification to the sheetmetal of the right inner fender.

-328HP (6PSI).
-CNC aluminum crank pulley.
-New ECU chip for fully optimized fuel/ignition control.
-Vortech V2SQ Supercharger unit.
-CNC hard anodized 20mm certal brackets and hardware.
-Fully automatic belt tensioning system.
-K&N air filter.
-Discharge and intake assemblies with Bosch bypass valve.
-Installation instructions.
-Long-life serpentine drive belt.
-Oil breather assembly designed for boost.
-CNC machined, anodized fan spacer.
-100% maintenance free operation.
-2yr./unlimited mileage warranty.


Meiltä myös BMW huollot ja asennukset ammattitaitoisesti ja edullisesti!

Huom! Annettu asennusaika on kun ESS asentaa sarjan, tämä tarkoittaa sitä, että asennus vielä todennäköisesti huomattavasti enemmän aikaa muualla asennettuna!

Meiltä myös BMW huollot ja asennukset ammattitaitoisesti ja edullisesti!

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